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Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions have teamed up to provide a free ebook on High Efficiency Milling techniques. The HEM Guidebook is jam-packed with over 50 pages of milling strategies, best practices, and pro tips relevant to any machinist aiming to boost their shop’s efficiency. High Efficiency Milling, also referred to as dynamic milling or high efficiency machining, is proven to improve productivity, decrease cycle times, and increase tool life.

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HEM Defined

Decode the ins and outs of high efficiency milling, high speed machining, and how to take advantage of HEM techniques with miniature tooling.

Best Practices

Learn how to increase your shop’s efficiency with strategies that shorten cycle times, enhance part finish, and avoid premature tool wear.

Pro Tips

Access exclusive HEM tips, milling insights, and case studies from professional machinists.

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